What is BitLife God Mode? (2024)

If you're not happy with the options BitLife gives you, you can spice things up a bit more. This is where BitLife God Mode comes into play and gives you full control in this text-based life simulation. In short, it grants you the power of a god, allowing you to tweak your character's attributes and life as you see fit.

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  • What is BitLife God Mode?
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  • What are the perks of BitLife God Mode?

Our comprehensive BitLife God Mode guide will explain the advantages of this special mode. We'll dive into what it gives and excludes, as well as how much it costs and even how to get it.

What is BitLife God Mode?

BitLife God Mode is a premium package that lets you edit almost every part of your BitLife save. You can tweak features like your country of birth, gender, social standing, and in-game stats. As such, you can easily change your character to have 100% looks and intelligence, opening them up to the most elusive and highest-paying occupations.

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More than just editing your character, you can also edit every NPC you encounter. This includes family members, friends, pets, and work colleagues. While mechanics like appearance won't have any tangible bearing on gameplay, editing the health, looks, and intelligence of other players can change their trajectory.

The good news is that God Mode lets you do this an unlimited number of times. You can tweak your character every year if you like. Changing your character's appearance as a child and young adult will also impact how they look in later life.

How do I get BitLife God Mode?

The main downside to BitLife God Mode is that it's not a free add-on for BitLife. Instead, it's an in-app purchase that'll cost you a bit of money.

  • To purchase the BitLife God Mode package, just follow these steps Main Menu > BitLife Marketplace > BitLife Essentials > God Mode

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God Mode costs a one-off fee of $4.99. That means if you take the plunge and pick up BitLife God Mode, you won't have to pay for it again. At that price, though, it's only a good idea to grab it if you're sure you'll get your money's worth

What can't I change in BitLife God Mode?

Unfortunately, there are a few elements that you can't tweak in BitLife God Mode. While it generally lets you change most of your character's attributes and their surrounding NPCs, a couple of elements are locked and cannot be changed.

Namely, BitLife God Mode will not let you change your character's skin colour, birthday, method of contraception, pet colour, and number of siblings. These elements are fixed, so there's no way to edit them in-game. Luckily, none of these attributes have any bearing on gameplay, so it's very unlikely to affect your BitLife experience at all.

That's everything you need to know about BitLife God Mode. We've gone over what it does, which special attributes it can tweak, and how to get your hands on it. God Mode can alter your BitLife experience to your liking but do bear in mind that it's an in-app purchase.

What are the perks of BitLife God Mode?

The most exciting concept is, by far, the ability to edit statistics. Some high-level jobs, like modelling or acting, are only available to characters with very strong looks. God Mode lets you guarantee that your character will meet these criteria and attain jobs that can get you famous.

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Equally, using BitLife God Mode can guarantee your entry into elite social groups. When editing your character at birth using God Mode, you can make them a royal family member. All you have to do is set their nationality to a country that has a royal family, then toggle the royalty option. Then, when you're born, you'll find yourself living a life of luxury alongside the elites of BitLife society.

On top of that, you can use it to gain access to career-specific attributes. If you want your character to be a sports star, you can select the sports proficiency attribute before they're born. Following that, they'll excel at sports during school and college, and can easily go and play for the elite BitLife sports teams as a career.

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What is BitLife God Mode? (2024)
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