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Employee | Project and Programme Management | Professional | Amsterdam | 2024-07-03 | REQ-10077071 | Salarisindicatie 4.240 EUR - 6.882 EUR op basis van 36 uur


Do you get excited about running process improvement initiatives with tangible impact and applying the process management expertise to support ING in achieving its strategy? Are you interested in setting global process standards and raise process craftmanship of the ING’s bank-wide process management community? Do you enjoy coaching your colleagues and helping them increase their knowledge and expertise? Then read on!

Organizational Context:

With its “Making the Difference” strategy, ING addresses significant changes impacting the banking industry; from changing customer expectations to FinTechs, regulatory requirements and digitalisation. ING’s future aim is to be the next generation digital bank, that provides a customer experience that is clear, convenient and consistent across borders. As part of the Global Transformation Experts, the Global Process Management (GPM) team enables execution of the “Making the Difference” strategy.

What the Global Process Management team does:

The GPM team brings value by enabling easy, uniform and digital processes. We do so by setting global standards and designs, executing and implementing process improvements and by increasing process craftmanship across ING. We are an international team of 75 people coming from different backgrounds, who are driven to make impact for ING while having lots of fun on the job. We have five GPM teams with a shared scope and backlog, of which four are based in Amsterdam. This vacancy is for the Amsterdam based teams.

Examples of recent projects:

  • Consumer Loans Applications: Designing a new digital process to offer a loan to a New-to-Bank customer without offering a current account.
  • Wholesale operations: Optimisation of organisational setup across Europe in line with the Client Services Operating model. Eliminating non value added activities, outsourcing tasks to a 3rd party.
  • Designing Global processes for Business Banking Lending and Mortgages as reference models bank-wide to speed up digitalisation
  • Eliminating the physical letters being used in back-office processes to reduce both environmental and process costs.

Your role

Core responsibility - Executing and implementing projects
You will carry out and coordinate projects across all ING countries, functions or domains in a multidisciplinary project team to improve end-to-end processes. In the position of medior process consultant, you are responsible for the progress of the project and for coaching and supporting the team to bring tangible results. You act within all layers of the organisation, from operations to management. You are a sparring partner for senior management, and you are jointly responsible for spotting new opportunities and recognising possible new projects. In executing assignments you connect to the expertise in COO network on sourcing, analytics, business controls and risks to maximise the value you can bring.

Setting global standards & design
You will be involved in developing standards for wide scale adoption. Together with expert leads and/ or other process experts across ING you will work out specific topics such as digitalisation, process leadership, operational management, where you align on standardised approach, conventions, definitions and metrics, which will be adopted in process management across all ING countries.

Increasing process craftmanship
You will contribute to increase process craftmanship across ING via:

  • the Process academy - providing process related trainings, coaching junior experts and
  • the Process community - stimulating a process management & improvement mindset throughout ING by sharing best practices, success stories and benefits of process management.

Skills needed:

We look for enthusiastic team player who combines strong analytical skills with excellent change management skills and can demonstrate following things:

  • Prioritisation and planning skills
  • Coordination and project management skills for running multiple concurrent initiatives
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, numerical insight, ability to think of new solutions (“outside of the box”); rigor in fact base / data analysis
  • Quickly create the right structure in problems, perform analyses and select the right root causes and solutions
  • Strong willingness and ambition to drive process and cultural change; ability to challenge authority and speak up
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills for interactions with management and operational staff
  • Leadership skills and ability to motivate staff
  • High level of pro-activeness and taking initiative
  • Strong execution capabilities and delivery of results
  • Perseverance and focus on impact
  • Can-do attitude; you are able to see ways forwards where others don’t

Background and working experience:

  • An excellent academic background (university master's degree)
  • 3-5 years of relevant working experience (process design and improvement, setting global standards for processes)
  • Minimum 1 year of demonstrable experience in coaching colleagues, both on process improvement methods and on personal development

What we offer

  • An informal, energetic, positive and collaborative work environment with GREAT people from many different nationalities and backgrounds
  • Working agile, to make new ideas come to life faster
  • Flexible, hybrid working possibilities, aiming for a 50/50 balance between working in the office and from home, plus options to temporarily work from abroad
  • Lots of opportunities to learn, to grow and to become the professional that you dream of to be
  • You will find our employee benefits here: Benefits | ING

About us

With around 60,000 employees serving more than 38 million customers in over 40 countries, there is no shortage of opportunities for people with initiative who want to make a difference. We hire smart people like you for your potential, not your past. Our biggest expectation is that you’ll stay curious. Keep learning. Take on more responsibility. In return, we’ll back you and help you develop into an even better version of yourself. If you want to work at the cutting edge of what’s possible, surrounded by progressive, inspiring, friendly and supportive colleagues, there is no better place to invest your talents than at ING. Join us and apply today!


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Medior Process Improvement Consultant (2024)
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