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Life in the palm of your hand

BitLife: Life Simulator is a simple and humorous game that's all about this little thing we all know called "life" (if you aren't familiar with life then read up on it, it's truly revolutionary, I tell you). Garnering millions upon millions of downloads, it's one of the most popular games on mobile.

Its simplistic nature makes it easy for gamers to pick up and play. Even if you aren't a hardcore gamer, you can still get down with BitLife. Starting as an infant, you grow each year and decide the fate of the character you select as you progress through life.

In short, you make decisions that have an impact on your life. Questions come up on screen and you answer them. Your answers can play a role in what you could become. It's really that simple. There are also personality traits you can grow by playing.

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Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks are the attributes that can be infected. They fluctuate based on your decisions. Life really is like a game, isn't it? So why not bring the game directly to our mobile phones for us all to enjoy and for us here at Pocket Gamer to give you a few tips.

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Tip #1 - Take Your Time With Choices

Bitlife: Life Simulator - Tips, Hints and Cheats (2)As we discussed, your choices have an effect on the direction your life will take in Bitlife: Life Simulator. Don't worry though, it's not like a game such as Telltale's The Walking Dead (an amazing game by the way) where you have a short amount of time to make critical choices.

BitLife is way more laid back and it'll make you laugh too, as we said earlier. So take your time as there's no clock or anything to worry about. Have some fun. Go with what you would do in real life or mix it up and take a different path.

You'll then see which attributes improved or dropped based on these choices. If you really want to, you can even have the game itself decide for you. This can be a fun way to go about an extra playthrough of the game as you just never know what the game itself is going to do. The game doesn't really have feelings so brace yourself, young life game player!


Tip #2 - Look At Your Activities

Based on your age in BitLife: Life Simulator, you'll have different activities unlocked. Take a look at the list and see what you can do. Completing certain activities will impact your main attributes. You can do some meditation which is good for the mind and body. You can gamble if you want as well by heading to the casino or the horse track. If you want to go downhill, you can even commit a crime (yes, you read that right).

Bouncing around between these activities is fun and is a good way to balance out your attributes and improve your chances at a successful life (except for committing crimes). Some things are relatively small such as going shopping.

But even then, with small things like that, it can help set the tone for your style. You can also even decide your true identity if you'd like as well. The possibilities are many and it's fun to check out.


Tip #3 - Choosing a Good Career

Assuming you're trying to stride for a successful life filled with fame and riches in BitLife: Life Simulator, definitely consider taking a look at your career options. You should start to see the job-hunting options in high school and college.

Depending on your situation, you'll probably need to start off with a small job to make some money. Another way to make a little cash is by finding Heirlooms in the attic. These pop up every 24 hours or so and you use a flashlight to search around the attic for valuable items. You may want to hold on to some items but if you feel to value is really great then consider selling for some extra cash.

Aside from that, you can search for full-time jobs, part-time and freelance gigs. If you're shooting for a big career, you can check out "Special Careers". Explore all of your options. You may find something that's more intriguing in Full-Time jobs than in Special Careers for example so take a look at everything as you embark on your path to greatness.


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Bitlife: Life Simulator - Tips, Hints and Cheats (2024)
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