10 Best Games Like BitLife (2024)

BitLife is simple yet effective with its humorous and addictive text-based gameplay. There aren’t many games exactly like it but some come close! If you love BitLife and want to try something new, check out our recommendations. Here are the ten best games like BitLife!

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Best BitLife Alternatives

Reigns: Her Majesty

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Reigns: Her Majesty is an interactive story-based card game. Like BitLife, the decisions you make can impact your future. In Reigns: Her Majesty, players take on the role of the queen and must make the right decisions for her and her country’s well-being. As easy as that sounds it’s not all that simple, as the life of a queen is fraught with danger and conspiracy!

Set forth royal decrees to shape your kingdom and deal with daily demands from your subjects. If you can maintain the complex and precarious position you hold, and don’t lose your head, you will become one of the most powerful factions in the land!

Purchase Reigns: Her Majesty on Google Play or play for free via Play Pass.

Chinese Parents

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Much like BitLife, Chinese Parents is a casual life-sim where every decision has an outcome. Step into the life of an average kid in China just starting your final year of high school. It’s up to you to take this child through this most challenging time of their life so far and into adulthood. What sort of parent will you be when you decide to have children? Will you be a tiger mom or a more relaxed parent?

Every decision you make affects the next generation, and the next, and the next! Every achievement gained and opportunity missed makes a difference to the next generations so make sure you make the right choices.

Play Chinese Parents now on Google Play or via the App Store.

Enclaver: Human Life Simulator

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Enclaver: Human Life Simulator combines the text-based sim of BitLife with an open world full of possibilities. There are driveable cars, riches to earn, and tough decisions to make. It’s up to you what sort of life you will have!

Will you live in ancient times or the life of luxury in the modern era? Is your goal going to be to settle down with the love of your life or gain as much money as you can? Every possibility is yours for the taking! Explore, build, find a job, and look for love: your life is what you make it.

Play Enclaver: Human Life Simulator on Google Play or via the App Store.


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Godville is like BitLife for the power-hungry. If you’ve always wanted to be an omnipotent deity commanding a hero on their journey then try Godville! Like Bitlife, Godville is a text-based life-sim adventure full of smart humor. Start by creating your hero and your god, and send the hero off to fight monsters, earn gold, and collect loot.

All you have to do is smite him, praise him, or send him on quests! Watch as he returns victorious or flees in cowardice. Join a guild to find out how other players are dealing with their own adventures and even submit your own ideas for Godville!

Play Godville on Google Play or via the App Store.

The Sims Mobile

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The Sims Mobile is a great way to play the classic life simulator on the go! Create your perfect Sim and their family with unique personalities and customizable looks. Your Sims can get a job, form relationships, fall in love and break hearts, throw epic parties, and so much more!

Just like the main Sims games, you can also build fully customizable houses complete with decor and furniture. Why not start a family and see how many generations you can nurture through the Sim-years?

Play The Sims Mobile on Google Play or via the App Store.

BitLife Dogs

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Taking the ‘games like BitLife’ theme literally, we have the first of two spin-off games from Candywriter. BitLife Dogs is as you would expect: BitLife with dogs. Instead of living the life of a human person you are crafting the life of a dog.

You can choose to start as a rough street dog with a heart of gold, trying to make its way into a loving home, or you can be a pampered pooch living it up in a mansion. No two lives are the same and every decision you make impacts the rest of your doggy life, so choose wisely!

Play BitLife Dogs on Google Play or via the App Store for free.

BitLife Cats

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BitLife Cats is another spin-off to the popular text-based game. This time you get to live the life of a cat and make every choice for the furry feline. It is up to you whether this kitty will be a mangy stray just trying to keep all nine lives, or a happy lap cat living with a loving family.

Every choice has a consequence and no two cat lives are the same. BitLife Cats has the same humor as the original game with hundreds of scenarios to play out and achievements to collect. You can even send kittens to your friends with the all-new Kennel feature.

Play BitLife Cats now on Google Play or via the App Store.

Startup Company

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Moving away from mobile games with Startup Company, this casual business sim game is a step up from BitLife! Startup Company sees you start a small business and attempt to grow it from the ground up. You start with a small investment and craft a unique website, in the hopes of competing against some giants of the business world.

Your success depends on how you manage your website and if you keep developing features while making improvements. You set up offices, manage employees, and configure all servers until you become the biggest and most successful company around!

Play Startup Company now via Steam.

House Flipper

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Renovate the house of your dreams with House Flipper! This cleaning and renovation sim may seem like a far cry from the text-based fun of BitLife, but they both offer the same thing: a chilled-out casual sim game.

House Flipper requires you to clean every inch of the property before you can renovate, decorate, and sell for a profit. Turn dark and dank buildings into smart and comfortable homes. You choose the carpets and drapes, and all the paint colors. Make the house into a home for each customer before moving on to the next!

Play House Flipper on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.

Dude Simulator

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Dude Simulator brings the simple life-sim style of BitLife to an open-world sandbox game. This is a world where you have the freedom to do anything you desire. Your main objective is to enjoy your simulated life and explore as much as you can. Wander the town, get some money and buy yourself a treat, get weapons, and do any number of crazy things! In Dude Simulator, life is what you make it!

Purchase Dude Simulator on Steam for under a dollar today.

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10 Best Games Like BitLife (2024)
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